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Protect Yourself From Being 
When it Comes to the Odds 
of Being Audited
for Sales Tax, 
It’s Not IF, but WHEN.
This Special Report is meant to assist you in handling the audit yourself and in keeping the assessment to a minimum. By experience in handling many many sales tax audits over the years for many clients, we understand the audit process and we know how state auditors work.

We’ve worked with million dollar companies to a hundred billion dollar companies and have saved our clients over $61 Million in audit assessments. 

This book will give you the inside information you need to get those same benefits.
Here's a Preview of 
What's In The eBook
  •  What official authority does an auditor have to audit your business? What are the limits?
  •  How long should we expect this audit to take? Why so long for some audits?
  •  Why should we do a self-audit before the audit begins?
  •  What if we are currently registered and filing in the state seeking to audit us? Are there any special considerations in this case?
  •  What will records should you allow the auditor to see? Is there anything in particular that you should NOT give to the auditor?
  •  What are the 4 most important areas to review in a self-audit?
  •  Should we do a refund/tax credit review before an audit, and if so, how do we go about it?
BONUS: Includes Comprehensive Taxability Charts
  •  What services are taxed in which states?
  •  Which states exempt manufacturing equipment?
  •  How do states tax commercial construction?
  •  Which states tax cloud (SaaS) computing
  •  How are other types of software and software maintenance taxed in all the state?
  •  Which states have an exemption for occasional or casual sales?
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